Selling your home with The HomeSmiths Team

Sold in 24 Hours!

Want to sell your home in as little as 24 hours?

With our Buyers In Waiting program we have dozens of pre-qualified buyers ready to buy a home like yours today! How do we find these buyers? We spend thousands of dollars every month on both Internet and print advertising to find these buyers for you. Essentially we went to work for you long before we ever met. We have buyers on our list looking in neighborhoods just like yours. These buyers understand our current real estate market and are willing to pay top dollar and most will accommodate your desired closing and possession date. We do offer a reduced fee to you if one of our ready to go buyers is right for your home. Now remember this list is always changing and is always subject to the buyers finding a prior home at any time.

Contact us today to see if one of our buyers is waiting for your home.

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